Lamu Island is a UNESCO heritage site but soon, it may be deregistered by UNESCO due to its deteriorating status. The committee in its 43rd session wrote to the government of Kenya demanding an updated status of Lamu Island and its enlarged buffer zone. The committee found that Lamu Old Town is “under potential danger” due to the advancement of Lapsset, extinction of donkeys and proliferation of motorized transport (i.e. motorbikes and taxis) which emits carbon dioxide CO2 into the atmosphere.

In Kenya, the demand of donkey products has risen drastically, and this has seen increase in donkey slaughter houses for meat and skin trade. The proposed slaughter house in Lamu will compound the existing problem of donkey extinction in Lamu Island. Apparently, while other African countries ban donkey products, Kenya has in the recent past seen an increase of slaughter house to meet Chinese demand!

Climate Justice International is ratcheting up pressure, protests, demonstrations and a more campaign including taking legal action against anyone who is out to bring the downfall of donkeys. We believe that donkeys must to liberated, because if they aren't, they will disappear in the face of Lamu.


At Climate Justice International, this is what we do:images5

  • To lobby against motorized transport (motorbikes and taxis) to reduce CO2 Emission
  • To say NO to the proposed Lamu slaughter house and export of donkey meat and skin
  • To produce reliable data on status, threats and investment opportunity for donkeys
  • To create awareness and advocacy on donkey welfare and protection in Lamu
  • To increase population of donkeys through advanced scientific breeding systems
  • To empower community on social-economic alternatives of a working donkey
  • To profile and promote the use of donkey as the sole mode of transport in Lamu

Call for Support

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