Impact of Corona Virus on Blue Economy in Kenya and East Africa


Kenya and East Africa have not been spared either by the novel coronavirus pandemic that has not only devastated the World but also, the science and art of exploiting, preserving and managing physical and natural marine resources. In Kenya and East Africa, blue economy sectors such as ecotourism (local and international), maritime transports (carriage of goods and/or passengers by boats, ships etc.) fish farming (breeding, rearing and harvesting, and selling of fish) and other economic and social sectors have caused great disruption of supply side of maritime economy. 

Those who depend on maritime economies and maritime ecosystems for livelihood have been heavily affected. The pandemic is not only limiting the maximization of marine-resources like fishery but also, hampering production of the marine goods and services affecting dependent global value and market chain. There must be local solutions to capitalize marine ecosystems for economic prosperity in Kenya and East Africa. 

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