At Climate Justice International, we have an elaborate blue economy program that utilizes ocean resources along the Western Indian Ocean belt. We believe that, oceans are not only to be exploited for economic liberation but also, for marine conservation and protection. We believe that efforts should be made towards sustainable use of marine resources for economic liberation, growth and development of a society, for job creation and ecological protection. Blue economy ought to play a major role in Africa’s structural transformation, sustainable economic progress, and social development. Innovation and growth in the coastal, marine and maritime sector ought to deliver food, energy, transport, among other products and services and serve as a foundation for sustainable development. Climate Justice International (CJI) is, by all means –a PROBLUE and this is what we do;

We advise on nexus between blue economy and climate change


We promote ocean’s wealth, health, finance, knowledge and equity


We advance fisheries aquaculture economy


We promote coastal tourism


We foster maritime seaport economy


We advise on blue carbon credit Finance


We foster growth in coastal cities economy


We operationalize offshore renewable energy


We promote replanting of mangrove in degraded marine ecosystem areas


Call for Support

We call upon environmental conservationists, well-wishers and like-minded donors to support this great initiative. Consider supporting us through the provided links below

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